ICJR Interviews: Cost Considerations for Managing Biceps Tendon Pathology

    Stephen C. Weber, MD, from Orthopedic Specialists of Sacramento in California, has performed arthroscopic proximal biceps tenodesis and subpectoral tenodesis for patients with biceps tendon pathology.

    Unlike other surgeons who have found higher reoperation and complication rates with proximal biceps tenodesis, a retrospective analysis of his patients showed no difference in outcomes between the 2 techniques.

    Where the groups differed was in cost: Subpectoral tenodesis is a more complicated, time-intensive procedure, and Dr. Weber found that it cost approximately $1600 more than arthroscopic biceps tenodesis when he factored in implant costs and additional operating room time.

    In this era of bundled payment, he said, surgeons will need to think twice about performing subpectoral tenodesis on a regular basis.

    Click the image above to hear Dr. Weber discuss his study, “Arthroscopic Proximal Biceps versus Subpectoral Tenodesis: Short-Term Differences and Long-Term Follow Up” (Paper 327), which he presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in Orlando.

    Producer: Susan Doan-Johnson; Director and Post Production: Charles J. Maynard