Investigating Possible Causes of Taper Corrosion

    A study presented by Jacob Cartner, MS, entitled “Characterization of Femoral Head Taper Corrosion Features Using an 18-Year Retrieval Database,” received 1 of 4 Free Paper Submission Awards at the recent World Arthroplasty Congress. These awards, supported by Medacta International, honored the top research reported at the meeting.

    In this study, Cartner, who is the lead engineer for Smith & Nephew, and his colleagues were looking for an association between severity of femoral head taper corrosion and any of the following variables:

    • Head size
    • Time in vivo
    • Head offset
    • Head materials

    They found no association with head size and time in vivo, but they did find an association with head offset and head materials. Femoral heads that had been in neutral offset were less likely to experience severe taper corrosion than those out of neutral offset, as were heads made of oxidized zirconium versus those made of cobalt chromium.

    Click the above to hear Cartner’s comments about the study methodology and findings.

    Producer and Director: Michael Bugera; Post Production: Charles Maynard