SURGICAL PEARLS: What Are the Differences in RSA Implant Designs?

    Implant designs for reverse shoulder arthroplasty (RSA) have come a long way since the original Grammont implant of the 1980s, which has helped surgeons safely expand the indications for the procedure.

    Even with all the advances that have been made, contemporary implants have more commonalities than differences, postulates Lawrence V. Gulotta, MD, from Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, in a presentation from last year’s 8th Annual Shoulder Course. Dr. Gulotta provides a refresher on the original RSA implant design and its limitations and then reviews nomenclature and characteristics of the current designs, including:

    • Screw versus post
    • Medial versus lateral glenosphere
    • Media versus lateral humerus
    • Neck shaft angle
    • Baseplate augmentation

    Click the image above to watch Dr. Gulotta’s presentation.

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    Disclosures: Dr. Gulotta has disclosed that he receives royalties from and is a paid consultant and paid speaker for Exactech.