Using Computer Navigation with TKA

    Computer navigation has been available for total knee arthroplasty for about a decade. Proponents say using a computer to help plan and execute the procedure improves accuracy of component alignment – which, in turn, should reduce dislocation and other complications, as well as increase implant longevity.

    Douglas Dennis, MD, from Colorado Joint Replacement in Denver, Colorado, has experience with computer navigation, but said he does not typically use it for his knee cases. Research has shown radiographic differences between knees aligned manually and knees aligned with input from a computer – but these radiographic differences have not translated to clinical differences in outcomes, Dr. Dennis said.

    That could change in the future, though: Dr. Dennis noted that the technology is evolving, and modifications to the original computer navigation systems may provide even greater precision and better clinical results.

    Recently, Dr. Dennis spoke with ICJR about computer navigation and total knee arthroplasty. Click the image above to hear his comments.

    Producer: Michael Szuch; Director: Michael Bugera; Post Production: Charles Maynard